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Our natural horsemanship journey together began in 2002. We were looking for a different way of communicating and connecting with our horses. We organized local horse play days and coordinated clinics for many years before beginning our own journey toward becoming instructors. 

We began formally teaching Parelli Natural Horsemanship in 2009, and were instructors for the next six years. 


The Parelli program was instrumental in placing an emphasis on horse behavior and psychology. We are grateful for all that we learned through the program.

In 2016, we created Foundation Horsemanship, showcasing our own unique talents as instructors. We have both competed in and won many trail challenges, and specialize in trail and obstacle preparation, liberty, and competition. 

We look forward to helping you on your own personal horsemanship journey!

Lorri Roy and Ethan Zimmerman

Foundation Horsemanship. Created by FNHMS Clinics 2017

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1348 Country Road

Victor, MT. 59875

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Ethan has always displayed a high degree of integrity, a definite leader. He can help you with all of your horsemanship goals. Teresa, Lolo, MT.


Ethan and Lorri are outstanding instructors. They will teach you how to be safe and how to build a natural relationship with your horse that will take you anywhere you want to go! Kay, Hamilton, MT.


I highly respect Lorri's patience, knowledge and understanding of how both horses and humans learn. Charmain, Stevensville, MT.


Thanks to Ethan, I have developed a relationship with my horse that I never thought would be possible. Jane, Florence, MT.


I have worked with many clinicians over the years, and I can safely say, both Lorri and Ethan are among the best I've seen. Barbara, AZ


Both Ethan and Lorri have inspired me to become a better human for my horse partner. My horse says thank you to them both. Debbie, Stevensville, MT.


Lorri has always been a positive influence for me and my horse. I cannot speak highly enough of her as a teacher. Marlene, Hamilton, MT.


Their way of talking, moving, listening and teaching is filled with sensitivity, kindness and respect for horses and humans. Susan, Florence, MT.


I am forever grateful to Ethan and Lorri for coaching me and my Arabian mare, with kindness and patience, for the last 3 years. They helped us build a solid foundation and strong partnership setting us up for success in the many disciplines we’ve explored from trail riding to obstacle challenges. Corinne, Bozeman, MT.

I've been studying horsemanship with Ethan and Lorri since 2011. They opened my eyes to a whole new world of communication with horses. They built my confidence, turned me into a better partner for my horse, and have continued to support me in every aspect of my relationship with my horse. I highly recommend them. Perri, Helena, MT.

Student Testimonials

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